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Many of our vehicles are sold with our limited warranty. Warranty is not included on all vehicles. Please see individual vehicle's description on our website or the federal buyers guide on the vehicle's window to determine what type of warranty, if applicable, is included.

We also work with ASC Warranty to offer you the option to purchase peace-of-mind that will extend beyond our warranty period.

Affordable plans available on most vehicles.

Contact us for complete warranty information!

The Car Store Limited Warranty

What this warranty covers

This warranty covers all parts listed within this document unless specifically excluded on motor vehicle purchase agreement. Seals and gaskets are covered only if their replacement is required due to the failure of a part listed herein.

Engine: Consisting of: crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, oil pump pickup/screen and tube, pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, connecting rods and rod bearings, timing gears, timing tensioner/guides, balance shafts, camshaft and camshaft bearings, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts and hydraulic lifters, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, crank sensor, camshaft position sensor. Engine block, cylinder heads and timing chains or belts are covered only if they are damaged by the failure of an above listed part.

Automatic Transmission: Consisting of: gears, input and output shafts, bearings, front pump, planetary assemblies, transmission case, overdrive carrier, reaction carrier, center support, parking lock actuator, stator and stator shaft, separator plate, pressure regulator valve, dipstick and filler tube, sprigs, governor assembly, valve body and torque converter.

Front or Rear Wheel Drive Axle Assembly: Consisting of: drive shaft, ring and pinion gears, pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, carrier assembly, thrust washers, axle, axle bearings, limited slip clutch pack assembly, universal and CV joints.

4 Wheel or All-Wheel-Drive Drive Axle Assembly: Consisting of: transfer case, main shaft, drive chain, thrust washer/shims and bearings, front driveshaft, differential, axles, u-joints and CV joints.

Air Conditioning: Consisting of: compressor, clutch and coil assembly, evaporator, accumulator, condenser, evacuation and recharge in conjunction with the replacement of listed components.

Front Suspension: Consisting of: upper and lower control arms, upper and lower ball joints, steering knuckle, wheel bearings.

Steering: Consisting of: power steering pump, electronic steering motor, internal parts of steering gear housing or rack and pinion assembly, tie rod ends, idler arm, pitman arm, steering dampener.

Brakes: Consisting of: master cylinder, brake booster, wheel cylinders, disc brake calipers, hydraulic lines and fittings. Brake pads/shoes and rotors/drums are covered only if damaged by the failure of a listed part.

Cooling: Consisting of: radiator, fan clutch, water pump and cooling fan motor, thermostat, heater core.

Fuel: Consisting of: Fuel pump, fuel injectors, metal fuel lines.

Electrical: Consisting of: battery, engine operation computer, voltage regulator, alternator, front wiper motor, wiper module, driver seat motors, ignition module, ignition coil, distributor, starter, starter solenoid.

Warranty Term

The powertrain components are covered for 60 days after vehicle purchase or 2000 miles from vehicle mileage at purchase, whichever occurs first.

Customer Co-Pay and Limits of Liability

YOU will be responsible for first $50.00 of each covered repair ("customer co-pay") and any other costs not covered by this limited warranty. Customer co-pay is due at time of service. This limited warranty will pay up to $2000.00 for any one or total of multiple covered repairs. You are responsible for any costs in excess of $2000.00.

Vehicle Owner Obligations

If a covered component breaks down, YOU must return the vehicle to The Car Store for repair. YOU are responsible for transporting your vehicle or having it towed if necessary. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to secure the vehicle and take necessary measures to prevent further damage.

What is not covered (Exclusions)

This limited warranty will not apply if:

  1. The part that failed is not covered by this limited warranty.
  2. The need to repair or replace the part arose from the malfunction of another part not covered by this limited warranty.
  3. Damage to other covered or non-covered components caused by failure of vehicle owner to properly secure the vehicle and take necessary measures to prevent further damage.
  4. The part is safely performing the function for which it was designed, and there is no need to repair or replace the part.
  5. The need to repair or replace the part arose from improper use, abuse, improper towing or hauling, collision damage, failure to maintain the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, alterations to the vehicle or use of oversize wheels and/or tires, lack of coolant or lubricants, overheating, freezing, water ingestion, corrosion, acts of god (such as flooding, hail, lightning), malicious mischief (such as theft, vandalism, riots, war, contamination), or any other cause other than a defect in the part's material or workmanship.
  6. The repair or replacement of a covered part is covered by any manufacturer's warranty or manufacturer recall.
  7. Fluid seepage and/or consumption.
  8. Towing expenses, loss of time, use of vehicle, consequential damages or injury to persons or property resulting from the failure of a covered component.
  9. Preventative maintenance.
  10. Hybrid batteries
  11. Malfunction indicator lamps(including but not limited to "Check Engine" "ABS" etc.
  12. Emission system

How to Get Service

Contact The Car Store by phone at (515) 993-4261, online at www.thecarstoreiowa.com by email at thecarstoreiowa@hotmail.com or by mail at, The Car Store, 510 Nile Kinnick Dr. N. Adel, IA 50003. If repairs are required, YOU must return the vehicle to The Car Store within the warranty period. If the vehicle cannot be returned to The Car Store, YOU must call The Car Store for instructions. All repairs will be made by The Car Store or The Car Store's designee within a reasonable time. Before any repair or replacement is made at a repair facility other than The Car Store's facility, YOU must obtain The Car Store's permission or the limited warranty will not apply.